iHeartMedia’s Washington DC radio stations specialize in effective advertising campaigns. Here’s what businesses say about working with iHeartMedia.

Earth Fare

Earth Fare is one of the largest natural and organic food retailers in the country, with 44 locations across 10 states in the Southeast, Midwest and now expanding to the mid-Atlantic. Fairfax is the second Earth Fare location to open up in Virginia.

Promote grand opening 1/10/18

Strategically placed messaging in peak grocery store shopping days Wednesday-Friday which ran across three of iHeartMedia’s DC stations (97.1 WASH-FM, HOT 99.5 and 98.7 WMZQ). Each station also had an endorsement message in rotation with overall educational branding messages. The endorsers conducted a Facebook life at the grand opening, blog post “recipe of the week” which were all boosted through our station webpages. There were 2 scheduled remotes with station promo team and talent on site. At remotes customers had the chance to win $50 Earth Fare gift cards.

There were over 200 people waiting for doors to open on a Wednesday at 7am. They also expanded campaign to include 2 additional remotes.

Camp Sunshine Virginia Polar Dip

With the help of all of our Sponsors, many volunteers, and all those that jumped, this year’s Polar Dip was another huge success. The water was a chilly 38 degrees, and the air was 52 degrees. We had 195 participants and have raised over $75,000 so far, and some money is still coming in. That will enable 30 children with life-threatening illnesses and their whole families to attend Camp Sunshine for a week-long program free of charge. In our 10 years we have raised over $700,000!

– Gail, Bill, Jennifer & Julianna Toth

Ackerman Security

Having one point of contact is an incredible advantage to doing business with iHeart. I’m able to make a decision with one person and be pitched one time, and then activate the same plan in all markets without having to meet and duplicate efforts with another rep.

– Nick Thomas, CMO


We have been working with iHeartMedia, specifically Michael Sauer, for two years now and we have been thrilled with the results and the partnership we have formed. Michael has done an extraordinary job not only listening to our needs and requests, but also advising and giving recommendations based on his expertise in radio and digital media.

We love the wide range of opportunities that iHeartMedia and Michael can offer us. He brings special projects like the St. Jude’s radiothon and WMZQFest to our attention that we may not have otherwise known were available as assets. CroppMetcalfe sponsoring commercial-free Tuesdays on WMZQ is another relatively new project that we have been extremely pleased with.

Michael treats our account with care and respect and is constantly trying to earn our business, rather than resting on the laurels of a previously signed contract. We are confident that he is always trying to put our brand in the best possible position and he is one of the main reasons we will continue to do business with iHeartMedia.

– Eric Tessel, Marketing Supervisor

Johnson’s Florist & Garden Centers

Increase online orders by 20 percent.

An endorsement campaign running from March through December. Client utilized a mix of station personalities to emphasize various situations that include homeowner and renter. Used targeted audio to reach women at work.

83% of new site visitors originated from iHeartMedia websites. 55% of all station visitors targeted the online ordering page. Compared to the same period a year prior, this campaign helped increase sales by 68%.

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